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Muck Mouth x New Deal Interview: Rene Matthyssen

Where are you living today, and what is your current job?
Still living the dream in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii. Owner of FITTED.

When was your favorite era in skateboarding?
80's street skating.

Who was your first sponsor, and how did you get hooked up?
Randal's in east San Diego, it was my neighborhood skate shop and my friend that worked there got me hooked up.

Who is your favorite skater of all time?
Tommy Guerrero

How much, if at all, are you still skating?
Still roll around a little bit, actually have a mini ramp in my warehouse. Definitely need to put in more time on the board.

Do you still follow skateboarding - even if it is just browsing YouTube/Instagram?
Mostly watch old stuff.


How did you get on New Deal? How long were you on, and were you pro or amateur?
My friend Fred Olande was riding for New Deal and I went to a contest in San Diego with him, Steve Douglas happened to be there and that's were it all started. Steve was the coolest team manager, he plugged me into everything from product to traveling right away. Started as an amateur and eventually went pro. Very thankful to Steve for the opportunity that he gave me.

Which of the videos you were in?
1281, Da Deal is Dead, Whatever, and Children of the Sun

What was your favorite video part of yours, and what was your favorite part of someone else?
Children of the Sun. Anything with Rick Ibaseta.

Best thing about riding for New Deal?
The traveling and the way they included all the riders in a lot of the aspects of the company. Everything from graphic direction to video direction. All the riders had ideas and I have always felt like New Deal respected those ideas. It was a very inclusive company.

Worst thing about riding for New Deal?
Can't think of anything.

Who was your favorite skater on the team and why?
Fred Olande, he's my brother.

Tell us something about New Deal that most people do not know?
Can't think of anything.

What do you think about New Deal coming back?
Fucking sick, just seeing all the old artwork from the early years is reason enough in my book to bring it back.

So many sick Hawaii spots. You ripped at Aala park. Who were your Hawaiian influences. Oh, and have you seen that new kid Cyprus that skates there now? He is about 3 and rips!
Bo Ikeda hands down! Cyprus is the truth, the kid has a bright future ahead of him.