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The Original *Useless Wooden Toys



Muck Mouth x New Deal Interview: Andrew Morrison

Where are you living today, and what is your current job?
I live in Auckland, New Zealand. OK? Haha. I own Irrom Skateboard Distribution, that has been running for the past 20 years.

When was your favourite era in skateboarding?
The late '80s, early '90s was the best for me as I got to skate with many of my heroes growing up - Miller, Hawk, Hosoi, Cab, Gator etc. I also got to see the new wave of progression come in, with the likes of Danny Way, Bucky Lasek, and Omar Hassan etc. most of the tricks these guys invented still stand strong today.

Who was your first sponsor, and how did you get hooked up?
Locally it was Edwards Skateboards here in New Zealand, I worked for Frank Edwards and he was a great contributor to the sport and always looked after me well, I owe him a lot.

Then USA wise it was OJ and Independent trucks. I met Steve Keenan who was the team manager at the time and a rad dude. That was the first US company to send me a box.

Who is your favourite skater of all time?
Can’t beat that style and power of Chris Miller

How much, if at all, are you still skating?
I’ve been skating the whole time, I never stopped. I probably skate like 3-4 times a week currently

Do you still follow skateboarding - even if it is just browsing YouTube/Instagram?
Totally. With my job I gotta keep pretty well connected so I do my best to keep up with all the current stuff.


How did you get on New Deal? How long were you on, and were you pro or amateur?
I lived in Huntington Beach for 6 months, and was at Phil's ramp in Alhambra when I met Steve Douglas who rode for Schmitt Stix at the time. I guess he told Paul Schmitt about me, then we met up at his wood shop in Costa Mesa and later went skating a bunch together. They invited me on a couple of tours around the States and I guess I was on the full Am team after that.

Then when Paul left Schmitt/Vision to start New Deal they asked me to be one of the main dudes. I was honoured and very appreciative for the opportunity to be involved with such a rad company.

Which of the videos you were in?
OG Promo, Useless Wooden Toys, and 1281

What was your favourite video part of yours, and what was your favourite part of someone else?
1281 was my favourite part by far, it best showcased how I could skate. The other two videos were slapped together from random tour footage. I didn’t really get a chance to film a part how dudes do nowadays. I feel my skating became more powerful and my style trick selection got better in the mid 90s and 1281 was a glimpse of that, but I hate how I skate in the other two videos, haha.

Best thing about riding for New Deal?
I really like how they had an International team, Anthony Hancock from Canada, Simon Evans from the UK, Jeremie Daclin from France, Gary Valentine from Australia etc., they really took quite a different approach and it gave a different flavour to what other brands were doing. It was one of the first proper skater owned companies and with Andy and ED drawing the graphics it doesn’t get much better than that.

Worst thing about riding for New Deal?
Being so far away from USA made things difficult. They flew me out a few times to places around the World, but just couldn’t sustain that kind of cost, and in the end I was given the ultimatum to either move to the States or they'd have no option but to give me the boot. I decided to stay in NZ and part of me regrets that decision as I still hadn't done my best skating yet.

Who was your favourite skater on the team and why?
Ed Templeton of course. I got to room with Ed a bunch on trips and got to watch him at the height of his World championship fame. We did a bunch of demos together etc., and just watching him skate blew my mind.

Tell us something about New Deal that most people do not know?
Back in '91, Paul Schmitt gave me this this foam core prototype to ride that was so far ahead of its time, and could have been a game changer. It looked like a normal board and was by far the best board I ever rode. I guess with the death of vert right around then the market just wouldn’t have been able to wrap its head around it.

What do you think about New Deal coming back?
I think it’s great because since the company ended I think a lot of people have forgotten how big of an impact it made on the skate community at the time. And now is a great opportunity for everyone that was involved to celebrate that, and for those who weren’t around 30 years ago to understand its place in history.

Morri, do you still have your pet rock?
I had never had a pet rock, that was a stupid skit that me and my friend Stu Kendall did at his house. I guess people liked it though cause I get hit up about it all the time.