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The Original *Useless Wooden Toys



Muck Mouth x New Deal Interview

Where are you living today, and what is your current job?
I am currently doing outside sales, selling repair software to dealerships and auto repair shops in San Diego and Orange County.

When was your favourite era in skateboarding?
My favorite era of course was the early 90s in particular, because that was my era.

Who was your first sponsor, and how did you get hooked up?
My first sponsor was Z Products. It was in 1988. I remember going to a big contest - there were over 150 people there. Then the Z team arrived. They all ripped on that team, so everybody was waiting for them to skate. They were very unique They basically took over the contest, particularly Jimmy Acosta. I remember just calling them up one day and asking if I could get sponsored over the phone. I talked to George Wilson and he told me to send in a video of myself, once we got talking I told him I had a big half pipe in my backyard. The next week the whole team came down to skate the ramp. I don’t think they were looking to sponsor me. I think they were just looking to ride a ramp. I remember the first run I took they were screaming and really stoked on my skating. I remember I fit the mold by being Filipino - as most of the members were Asian and Mexicans. George Wilson treated us really good taking us to a contest every week in Las Vegas, Northern California, Arizona and all over the place. They were a good team to ride for, and It was a pleasure to skate for that team.

Who is your favourite skater of all time?
It would I have to be Danny way. He did it all, and he was such a young skater competing with all the older guys, then stayed pretty consistent for a long time on street and vert.

How much, if at all, are you still skating?
I’m not really skating too much. Working keeps me really busy. Alphonzo Rawls Is a friend that I still keep in contact with. So I’m going to start up again. That new Vans ramp looks pretty fun.

Do you still follow skateboarding - even if it is just browsing YouTube/Instagram?
I still follow skateboarding every day. I have Instagram and follow Nyjah Houston and Boo Johnson. I think they are incredible. Nyjah Does things like the Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game. He has so much control over his board and seems like he can do any trick he wants to. As far as Boo Johnson - he is just a positive person and good for the younger generation. He rips as well.


How did you get on New Deal? How long were you on, and were you pro or amateur?
I remember being on H-Street when we had over 100 people on the team. I really wanted to skate in the Dallas Shut Up and Skate contest. After watching Useless Wooden Toys I thought that whole team was so incredible, and I knew Steve Douglas from skating San Jose warehouse all the time. I really wanted to go to that contest so I called Steve Douglas up. I got sponsored by New Deal - they paid for my contest fees and had a giant box waiting for me at Jeff Phillips Skate Park. I was really stoked to be on a small team. Don’t get me wrong, I loved H-Street and I had really great friends on that team, plus Magnuson and Ternansky treated me very well, but it was time to move on. I rode for New Deal from 91-94 turning pro in 1992.

Which of the videos you were in?

I was in 1281, Whatever, and Da Deal is Dead

What was your favourite video part of yours, and what was your favourite part of someone else?
My favorite video part was 1281 - although we were not able to edit our own videos, I still thought it turned out OK. Favorite persons video part on 1281 was Rene Matthyssen. He always had a clean fresh style...

Best thing about riding for New Deal?
I loved how small the team was. Everybody was super cool on the team, as well as the people that worked there. It really did feel like a family and I really thank Steve Douglas and Paul Schmitt for giving me the opportunity to be on that team. I have really great memories.

Worst thing about riding for New Deal?
I know this sounds really cliché, but there’s nothing I disliked about the New Deal.

Who was your favourite skater on the team and why?
Once again everybody was super cool and I can’t name one person that was my favorite, but I guess if I had to pick one it would be Rene. We were friends before he moved to Hawaii and I got him on the team - he did me proud!

Tell us something about New Deal that most people do not know?
Every Christmas they got us really great gifts. I remember one year they got us super nice travel backpacks with our names embroidered. I remember Element got the same gifts and when I was on tour with Harold Hunter he took my backpack that was part of the whole travel pack that had my passport in there when we were in England. I remember I had to stay there for a few more days and wasn’t a happy camper but it’s all good.

What do you think about New Deal coming back?
I think it was the right thing to do. It’s really humbling to know how much people love the New Deal. I get instant messages from doctors and lawyers and all sorts of people telling me stories of when I went to their cities and did demos in their town, and for the most part they’re all good stories! A lot of people like to collect New Deal products so I know it’s going to do well. It also gives everybody a chance to get back together to enjoy an opportunity to see everyone again.

Tell us the story of 'Kate Plus 8'

Alphonso pretty much already covered that.