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The Original *Useless Wooden Toys



Muck Mouth x New Deal Interview: Danny Sargent

Where are you living today, and what is your current job?

MPLS, MN, Since May 14. I worked at a steel mill for 4 years loading big rigs with bundles of steel tubing. Now I work at UPS from 11pm-4am, Sun through Thursday, unloading 53 foot trailers at about 1200 packages an hour. It sucks on my old wrist and back, not a good job for me. Just tryin' to get insurance for my daughter and myself, but I have to last one year, If it doesn’t kill me. Fuck, I should have gone to college.

When was your favorite era in skateboarding?
I dig it all for the most part, but it was magical in the early to mid 80s when skating was dead and I got to witness, as well as be a part of the dawn of street skating. The 3 names we owe everything to are Mark Gonzales, Natas and Tommy Guerrero. Skating was so small that if you heard a skateboard and looked out the window you would know them. We would skate miles to the banks that we knew of and emulate vert tricks on them. Then the street ollie came, and after learning the boardslide on bus benches a whole new world opened up.

Who was your first sponsor, and how did you get hooked up?
Independent Trucks. Tommy Guerrero did a demo and judged a comp in Portland. I got 2nd and he gave me trucks and his phone number. So, being from SF as well I would skate and stay with him when I visited. The crew was the Fogtown Concrete Jungle crew, so I got on naturally with the guys I skated with,.

Who is your favorite skater of all time?
Mark Gonazales, every photo, video and in person was a treat. He was fully animated like watching a cartoon. All round street and vert - in a class by himself.

How much, if at all, are you still skating?
I am a skateboarder. I never quit, I’ve never taken an airplane without my board. That's a big sign, like people who don’t have their board like “It's not a skating trip”, this is not golf, like “oh I didn't bring my clubs as I wasn't expecting to play". I’m a skater, I ride a skateboard. The strangest question asked to me - someone asked me if I still skated, I looked down at my board under my feet and had no idea how to answer. It's like asking someone at a restaurant if they still eat.

Do you still follow skateboarding - even if it is just browsing YouTube/Instagram?
Sure, I mean I never really cared about competitions, but I appreciate skateboarding.


How did you get on New Deal? How long were you on, and were you pro or amateur?
We started New Deal when I was pro for Schmitt Stix, so my 2nd pro model was on New Deal

Which of the videos you were in?
15 minute promo, Useless wooden Toys, and 1281

What was your favorite video part of yours, and what was your favorite part of someone else?
1281 short and sweet, I filmed in 2 or 3 days on the the streets of SF, and once at one of the best mini ramps of all time - BK Studio 43 with a dope extension with pool coping, then one night they opened the 'wooded street course' for us after the Handle Bar closed. Fast and loose, good times.

Best thing about riding for New Deal?
Breaking away from Vision and doing our own thing - new and fresh.

Worst thing about riding for New Deal?
Nothing really except the whole 'out with the old, in with the new' shit. In some ways it is real and makes sense, but it is hella lame in some respects. For example the World ad with Chris Branagh and Mike V, LOL. Chris was not even close.

Who was your favorite skater on the team and why?
Rick Ibaseta, SF!

Tell us something about New Deal that most people do not know?
That Andy, Steve and I had models for Schmitt before New Deal.

What do you think about New Deal coming back?
Cool part of skating history that I was lucky to be a part of. A lot of older skaters are looking forward to it, as it brings back cool memories of their youth.

If you could bring back the Safeway Curb or the original Justin Herman Plaza in 2019 - which would you choose, and why?
How about Sadlands, that place was cool. Hmmm, EMB with a Safeway Curb! RIDE ON, Danny