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The Original *Useless Wooden Toys



Johann Tiéche

Interview by: Steve Douglas

When and where did you start skating?

I starting skateboarding with my cousin in Lausanne Switzerland when I was 10 years old, maybe 11.

What was your first board?

My First board was a Schmitt Stix Danger, Gullwing Pro3 Orange Fluo, Vision Schroeder Wheels I bought it at Elan Sport Renens Switzerland. My first New Deal board was a Justin Girard Adventures, I bought it used and cracked for 20 bucks, and ended up falling in love....


When did you decide to start collecting skateboards?

Im not sure, I was looking for some The Doors LP’s on ebay and I saw a Mike Vallely Cease and Desist twin tail and was like ohhhh it’s sick to see that after so many years, so I bought it. Mike V twin tail was my first pro board so it made sense to have it. Then I found a Siamese screen printed board on ebay, I met chad on the FB group “Vintage Skateboard of the World” and start collecting ND. Collecting gives me the chance to meet (by FB) so many people, the collector community is awesome.


Had you collected anything before then? If so what?

No I never collected anything, only Skateboard decks. In the beginning I was collecting all the boards I had when I was young or boards my friends had, now I’m just focused on New Deal.


Please tell us about your whole collection?

I like to collect what I had or what my friends had, but I also bought some of the boards that I couldn’t afford at the time. New Deal, World Industries, 101, and Underworld Element were my favorite brands so I’m looking for those brands.


How many New Deal boards do you have?

I have 31 boards, maybe a little more. The majority is in really good condition and I have some other stuff like tees, stickers, and videos.


What did you like most about New Deal?

The graphics! I always loved New Deal designs and the team. The art had great colors, I like the graphic line work, and now I like to learn more about the stories behind ND.

Who was your favorite ND skater and why?

Ed Templeton for his style, it’s like no other… and his Impossible tail grab lol.


What is your most prized item in your New Deal collection and why?

Mmmh I love all my boards, but maybe the Howell's are my favorite, the Molotov Kid is so awesome or Happy Hippie is maybe my favorite.


How is your collection displayed today?

My whole New Deal collection is on the Wall in my stairwell. This way I can see them all time and the sun is never in directly on them.


What are your thoughts about the New Deal re issues?

They are good. I prefer the OG lol, but it’s a good opportunity to ride one again.


As far as what you're looking for today what New Deal boards are you looking for?

I’m looking for a Morrisson Cosmic Couple NOS condition it’s so sick!


What do you think of the New Deal/ Enjoi Collab?

This is rad! I think it’s one of the best series on Enjoi.


What are you skating today?

I’m working with small brands, I have my own distribution and I like to skate what I sell. Now my set up is a Snack deck with Thunder Light and Loophole wheels fro SF, thanks guys!


Any closing comments?

Collecting New Deal gives me so much pleasure, there are so many memories and yeah New Deal is now a part of my life haha! Thank you to all the New Deal family for what you have done before and what you are doing now, I am very happy to be a part of it.

p.s please also redo the everslick boards from 92-3.



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